Our main afterschool service is sited in the dining hall at Cotham School (Cotham Lawn Road), just up the hill from Cotham Gardens School. If you come to the car park on Cotham Lawn Road, our doorbell is sited on a set of green gates adjacent to the school building. Please ring for access (any problems phone 07759785014 and someone will come out and meet you).

We also offer an afterschool service to children attending Colston's Primary Elmgrove Annexe. This is sited in the school hall, please ring the Zebras bell for access.

We are open to all schools within a short walking distance of our setting. If further afield, we can accept children if you can arrange a ‘drop off’. Currently, children from Cotham Gardens, Elmgrove, St Peter & St Paul, Christchurch & St Bonadventure’s attend.


Afterschool Playscheme opening hours:

  • Cotham site:   3.15 – 6pm.

  • Elmgrove site: 3.10 - 6pm

Lyn Collins (Manager), Jim Collins (Elmgrove Manager) and Alfonso Alvarez (Deputy Manager) run the afterschool sites on a day-to-day basis with adequate playwork and/or childcare qualified staff on duty daily.


Zebras is a child-centred play setting incorporating the Playwork Principles, Loose Parts theory and EYFS (4/5 yrs) into the ethos of our free-play environment. Within the hall (all sites), areas are divided up to offer a wide selection of resources and play opportunities for children (of all ages) to choose from. These are rotated daily, to include:


  • a creative play area: paint/dough/clay/sand/water/junk modelling

  • arts & craft table: paper/pens/stencils/stampers/assorted craft materials (e.g tissue/glitter/pipe cleaners)

  • construction: Lego/K-Nex/‘Ello/marble run/dino rally/Magnetix/train set

  • small worlds: farm set/cars & garage/dolls house/Play Mobil/castle playset/dungeons & dragons

  • role play: Post Office/Emergency Services/Dressing-Up/Home Corner/Shop/Travel Agent/Desert Island

  • physical play: Bouncy Castle/Space Bubble/Pool Table/Air Hockey/Football Table/Table Tennis/Trampolines/Parachute

  • TV/games consoles 

  • a quiet area is available with cushions, soft toys and books for children to relax.

  • outside play available daily in a covered courtyard adjacent to the hall (open access), with a wide selection of resources (bats/balls/basketball/hoops/swingball/roller-skates/skatebards/circus set/scooters).

  • The Cotham site also has the use of a large field and all weather courts.


Throughout the year a selection of adult-led activities supplement the freeplay opportunities to include cooking (seasonal/cultural), music, woodwork, art & craft projects, dance, drama and much more!


This school year we have offered the following:

  • Cookery Club

  • Sewing Club (children’s request)

  • Woodwork (bird boxes/clocks)

  • Science Fun (potions workshop) 

  • Art Club/Challenge Friday (children’s request)

  • Parachute Play


We have a very active Children’s Play Council, who help with the running of Zebras, so far they have interviewed prospective staff (writing a job description), organised a fundraiser, collected children ideas for activities and put together a ‘buddy’ system to support & help new children to settle in.


Reception Children

We take a lot of care with new Reception children joining our scheme and employ a range of different strategies to help them settle in and feel ‘at home’ as quickly as possible. Zebras employs two keyworkers to work directly with reception age children (one on duty daily) providing support through the early stages and encouraging confidence, independence and learning throughout.

Throughout September, until child(ren) start at Zebras, parents/carer’s are encouraged to visit playscheme with their children as often as they wish to ‘stay & play’, view our setting, policies & procedures, speak to staff/children and ask any questions you may have.

Zebras recognize that reception children often need extra care and attention to aid the transition to this new experience (especially alongside starting school). Designated staff keywork these children, supporting them in their classrooms (from 2pm) at the end of the school day, collecting the same children (on starting zebras) and spending time helping them to settle in, learn our routines, interact and make friends.

Adult-led activities for reception children include: cooking, group games, arts & crafts and trips to Cotham Park (weather permitting).

In line with EYFS requirements, we collect information on each child’s play experiences and collate in an individual Play File (available to view at any time). Each reception child will have a designated keyworker.



Now open, our new afterschool service at Elmgrove Annexe. This caters for Reception and Year 1 children, utilising the school hall and outside area. 



REGISTRATION: To register with Zebras, please click the booking/registration to the top and right of this page and follow instructions..


Please note: There is a £30 (one-off) Registration Fee (per family) to join Zebras and use our services.



RECURRING BOOKINGS: These are set days each week requested (and confirmed) on registration, when you will be notified of your child(rens) places. Once confirmed, these places are permanent and will carry on indefinitely during Bristol School Term times, until you notify the bookings secretary (email/written permission) that you wish to cancel (or request an amendment). 

Please note: there is a 28 day notice period for cancellations.

CASUAL BOOKINGS: This includes all children that do not have a permanent place (i.e. parents with shift work, changing work patterns, last minute requests). Whilst we will do our very best to accommodate your needs, there may be times when sessions are full and we will be unable to meet your needs on some or all of the dates requested.

Please note:

For PERMANENT BOOKINGS, if you no longer need one or all of your places, we require 28 days notice for cancellation of said place.

For CASUAL BOOKINGS, once made, refunds are not available. Casual attendees must confirm dates for each coming week on the Sunday before the week starts. Availability will depend on session numbers attending each day.

All booked in sessions (both permanent and casual attendees) must be paid for, regardless of attendance.This is detailed clearly at the bottom of your invoice. We do not offer session 'swaps' or credit for any dates children are unable to attend.

This is to protect the long term sustainability of our service. 

All existing users are required to check details & permissions on a yearly basis, in line with current legislation. This is carried out in the September of each school year. If you have not already done so, please go into your online account and check your details are correct (address, phone, medical details, emergency contacts). Any changes or updates can be added via an online form.

This will ensure Zebras have up-to-date information with regards to your child(ren) and fully meet legal requirements.

Inset Days: Afterschool Playscheme is open during all school inset days (unless informed otherwise).These days are chargeable, as Zebras is open for business. We are open to children from schools other than Colston's Primary, who's inset days often differ. These days are used for training, cleaning and fixing equipment, as well as accommodating any children in attendance; all children booked in on inservice days are welcome to attend between the hours of 3.10-6pm. Staff and hall rentals still have to be paid during all inservice days. Thank-you for your understanding and support for the long term sustainability of our service. 



Afterschool club fees for 2019-20: £10.30 per child (£10.15 siblings) still representing excellent value for money.

Fees are requested  in advance (invoice sent via email), payable 10 days from the date of issue.

Invoices are issued on a termly basis, at the start of each new school term.


Individual arrangements (weekly payments/monthly direct debits) on request.

We accept all forms of childcare vouchers, please ask for further details.

Afterschool Play scheme opening hours: 3.15 – 6.00 pm.


Session Rates: £10.30 (£10.15 siblings).
Booked in sessions have sibling discount rates of 1.5% for the first sibling, 2.0% for the second sibling and 2.5% for all siblings beyond.


This includes a light snack on offer from 4.30pm (until 5pm), consisting of toast/fruit bread/crumpets/muffins/bagels/rice cakes/crackers with a selection of savoury spreads, fresh fruit, yogurt & salad items (carrot/cucumber/tomatoes etc) for the children to choose from. Drinks include water, milk & smoothies. Fresh water is available (for children to serve themselves) throughout the session.


OFSTED Registered. Cotham Site: EY498946. Elmgrove Site: EY499012

Zebras Out of School Club Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. Company Number 08148943

Registered office: Cotham School, Cotham Lawn Road, Bristol BS6 6DT