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Zebras Elmgrove:

Ofsted Report 2018

Zebras Out of School Club continues to be 'good' in the recent inspection at our Elmgrove site:

  • Staff make the club welcoming and stimulating for children, and children are happy. They enjoy playing with the good range of activities that supports all areas of their learning and development well. 

  • Children enjoy their time at the club. They learn to do things for themselves and become confident and independent. For example, they choose and serve their own snacks and take responsibility by tidying up when they have finished.

  • Staff have developed strong links with the host school. For example, club staff spend time with children in their classrooms and they share information with teachers about children to help ensure continuity of care and learning.

  • Staff are good role models for children. They have consistent expectations of children and use effective strategies to help them follow the rules. This helps children behave well and respect each other.

  • The provider has robust systems for recruitment, induction and the ongoing supervision of staff. This helps ensure staff are suitable for their roles and maintain good quality of care and consistency in practice.

Ofsted Report 2014


Zebras Out of School Club is an Ofsted registered provision and received a “good” report in their most recent inspection (15 11 11) with regards to the Early Years Register (Reception children), with all aspects of the provision being judged as “strong”.


Their comments included:


  • “Children’s individual needs are well met through effective teamwork and successful links with their school and parents.”

  • “Throughout the session staff interact with interest and are responsive to children’s requests. As a result, children are all fully involved in activities and enjoy attending the club.”

  • “Children enjoy a good balance of play provision and activities within a well resourced environment. This allows them space to play and to access toys easily to promote independent play.”

  • “Staff have a good understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage, which they use to plan and promote fun and active sessions, whilst also supporting children’s learning and development successfully.”

  • “Children arrive happy and energetic from school. They settle in quickly, choosing toys and suggesting their own ideas for activities. They remain active and involved, focussing well in their play throughout the session. Children express themselves confidently.”

  • "Children feel safe and secure within the group and move about freely and with confidence, both inside and out. They are closely supervised without hindering their independence.”

  • “Children’s development is monitored and promoted successfully, with their interests supported well. They benefit from a safe and fun environment and are developing a good sense of self. They are fully included in all areas of the provision. As a result, children are making a good start through the Early Years Foundation Stage. The setting is committed to supporting children to participate and express their views.”


Health & Safety

Sickness Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Equalities Policy

Food Hygiene

Administration of medicine

First Aid Procedures

Children's Arrival, Collection and Departure Policy

Reception Children

Inclusion Policy

Parent & Carer Complaints

Anti-Bullying Policy

Missing Child Policy

Child Participation Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Staff provide regular praise for children's achievements,this helps

boost self-esteem and makes them feel valued and respected

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