Affordable & quality playcare for parents & carers.


OCTOBER: Monday 25 - Friday 29 October 2021 (5 days)

DECEMBER: Monday 20 - Thursday 23 December (4 days)   

Venue: Cotham Secondary School, Cotham Lawn Road BS6 6DT.

£35 per day & £19 half-day (if available)

Open: 8am-6.00pm 

Half-day Sessions: 8am-12.30pm/1.30pm-6pm 

Scroll to the bottom of the page for further information. Follow link to the right to book!

All activities detailed below are offered to the children/young people, but they reserve the right to join in (or not), adapt and change what's on offer and/or choose their own games and activities (freeplay).


Note: If booking a Wednesday session, please be advised that the whole group will be going on the advertised trip (children will be unable to stay onsite).

There will be an additional charge (on top of the normal sessional fee) to cover transport/entrance fees etc

(already added to the Wednesday booking dates).

We reserve the right to change any of the activities on offer in response to any issues that may arise.



We have carried out a Covid-19 Risk Assessment (available on request) and can confirm that the running of our setting, social distancing, cleaning/sanitising, handwashing and hygiene procedures are in line with current Government Guidance for Out of School and Childcare Settings. 

Please do not visit any of our settings if you are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).



Monday 25 October

Tuesday 26th October

Half-Day Trip: 

Additional Charge for this activity tbc.

Wednesday 27th October

Price includes:

Thursday 28th October

Half-Day Trip: 

Additional Charge for this activity tbc.

Friday 27th August



Monday 20th December

Tuesday 21st December

Half-Day Trip: 

Additional Charge for this activity tbc.

Wednesday 22nd December

Price includes:

Thursday 23rd December

Half-Day Trip: 

Additional Charge for this activity tbc.



To register with Zebras Holiday Club, please follow the booking/registration link on the top-right of this page. 


What can your child(ren) do at Holiday Club?

We aim to offer a friendly, homely atmosphere where children can choose what they want to do/play with: both outside/inside and from a wide selection of resources and play opportunities on offer daily.

These freeplay activities are supplemented by Adult-Led Workshops (cooking/art/crafts/science/music), which children can choose to join in with (or not). In addition, older children, (from 8yrs) are offered extra activities, with the chance to do something different away from the main group and challenge themselves in fun and exciting ways (e.g. swimming/Freedog/climbing/caving/kayaking).

Please note: these activities have a small additional charge and need to be requested at the time of booking.

Every Wednesday, the whole group goes out together on a day trip (travelling via bus/train). Trips are organised in and around the locality and incur an additional charge.

All adult-led workshops, trips and 8+ activities are detailed in the Programme of Activities (below).


Within the hall, areas are divided up to offer a wide selection of resources and play opportunities for children (of all ages) to choose from, to include:


  • A Creative Play area: paint/dough/clay/sand/water/junk modelling

  • Arts & Craft table: paper/pens/stencils/stampers/assorted craft materials (e.g tissue/glitter/pipe cleaners)

  • Construction: Lego/K-Nex/‘Ello/building blocks/marble run/dino rally/Magnetix/train set

  • Small Worlds: farm set/cars & garage/dolls house/Play Mobil/castle playset/dungeons & dragons

  • Role Play: Post Office/Emergency Services/Dressing-Up/Home Corner/Shop (for example)

  • Physical Play: Crash Mats & Springboard/Parachute/Soft Play/Space Bubble/Trampolines 

  • Games Tables: Air Hockey/Football/Table Tennis

  • TV/games consoles 

  • Board Games/Floor Games/Puzzles

  • A quiet area is available with cushions, soft toys and books for children to relax.

  • Outside Play available daily in the covered courtyard adjacent to the hall (open access), with a wide selection of resources (bats/balls/basketball/hoops/swingball/roller-skates/skatebOards/circus set/scooters).

  • The Cotham site has the use of a large field and all weather courts.


How about Food & Drink?

Water is available throughout the day onsite, for children to access on a self service basis.

Breakfast is served from 8.30-9.30am daily (included in the price). We offer a light tea (toast/wraps/salad/fruit) around 4.30pm (also included in the price).

Lunch is 12.30-1.30pm. Please send your child(ren) with a packed lunch.

Trip days:

Breakfast is offered before we go and biscuits/fruit at intervals throughout the day. However, it is a good idea to send your child(ren) with additional drinks (or a refillable water bottle) when we are offsite.

8+ Activities

We offer extension activities for children aged 8 and up. Offering opportunities for time away from the main group to try a new activity, increase and add to their skill set and maybe try something out they havent done before (in a supervised environment). These activities promote teamwork, confidence, resilience and personal growth. They also offer fun and challenging physical activities to increase health and physical strength.

There is an additional charge for these activities (listed), which we subsidise and try to keep as low as possible, to enable as many children as possible to attend.

Feedback is obtained from the children, to choose and plan future activities.




You will need to book through the bookings portal before attendance and will either pay at point of purchase or select an alternative option (such as childcare vouchers, tax-free, payment plan etc).

Please email the bookings secretary at zebrasbookings@gmail.com if you have any problems.


Please note:

All booked in sessions must be paid for, regardless of attendance.This is detailed clearly at the bottom of your invoice. We do not offer session 'swaps' or credit for any dates children are unable to attend.

This is to protect the long term sustainability of our service. 


Holiday club fees:

  • £34.00 per child

  • £18 per child (half day sessions)

Fees include breakfast/snacks and all resources/workshop materials. Children will need to bring a packed lunch.

Additional charges for trips and 8+ activities will be detailed within the Programme of Activities and added to your invoice accordingly (on booking).

Fees are requested in advance, being due on or before the first day of attendance (each school holiday).

Individual payment terms available on request.

Email forms to: zebrasosc@gmail.com. Alternatively, forms can be handed in the the school office at Colston's Primary/Elmgrove/Cotham or posted to the address below (please allow 10 days before the start of each holiday).


Zebras Out of School Club

Cotham School

Cotham Lawn Road



£35 per day

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