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To make a booking with Zebra's Out of School, you'll want to log-in/register an account and then go to the 'Book' page.

You'll be brought to the screen below. This contains various options, including casual afterschool sessions and regular afterschool sessions for both our regular site and Elmgrove site, casual and regular breakfast club session, and for all of our holiday clubs for the year. Once a holiday club is over it will be removed, and replaced with the following year's one once that is available. Scroll to find what you need and then press 'Book Now.'

The options shown will vary depending on what you have chosen to book; the below example is for 'Casual Breakfast Club' bookings. Differences between each booking type will be shown and explained in more specific guides for each, linked at the bottom of the page (when complete), but for all, make sure you click the name(s) of the child(ren) you are booking for.

Once you've added all bookings you need for the type you've chosen (please see individual guides on each booking type for explanations on these), click on 'Check Availability.' This will look at the bookings on the system, determine if there is space for what you need, and then take you to the basket/checkout.

Below you'll see what checkout looks like. This shows a basic summary of what you're purchasing; if you wish to see a more detailed break-down of your booking click on the green box. Clicking the blue dustbin icon next to a booking will remove that booking from your basket. If you want to add more click 'Book another activity' but if you're happy with what you see and ready to proceed, click on 'Check Out.'

Checkout will show you the Booking Summary, Cost Summary, Promo Code, Childcare Voucher/Tax Free Voucher and Payment Option sections.

If you click 'Show Details' in the Booking Summary you'll see below; a timetable of your bookings, which includes the option to download a copy that you can print out or save to your computer.

Cost summary shows you a simple breakdown of what you're paying. In the Promo Code section, if we've sent you a discount code for any reason, you can enter it here and click 'Apply' to remove the cost! If using Taxfree Childcare or childcare vouchers, check that box, which will bring up various options.

Make sure you select the correct Provider in the drop-down box and input the correct amount. Only click 'monthly' if you're arranging monthly payments for an ongoing, recurring booking; otherwise it will be be a one-off payment. When both of these are sorted click 'Apply.'

Once you've done this, or, if you aren't using Childcare vouchers, select your payment option, check the box to accept Zebra's Out of School Club Terms and Conditions (which you should make sure you've read), then click 'Go to Payment.'

From there you'll just need to follow the instructions according to your chosen payment method, and once complete, your places will be secured and in invoice sent to you.

Detailed guides on each of the individual booking types (Holiday Club, Casual Afterschool/Breakfast and Recurring Afterschool Breakfast Club) will be added here shortly but in the meantime, if you have any questions or difficulties, please email the bookings assistant at

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