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Holiday club bookings have more options than afterschool and breakfast club bookings. Here we'll go into detail about those and how you make the bookings you require. Log in, go to the 'Book' page and you'll be brought to the screen below. Scroll up and down to locate clubs for different times of the year. In this guide we'll look at the October one.

Click 'book now' on the holiday club you want and you'll be brought to a screen that looks like the one below, with varying options. There will always be options for full days, morning half-days and afternoon half-days except for one day of the week - the one day these aren't available for will be for a full day trip. Here, that's the tuesday, which is 'Full day with trip to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm.' It includes the full price of the trip in the price. If 'TBC' is listed please note that we have yet to decide on the trip and that if you book it, you'll be charged for the extra later on (in these cases, if you're unhappy about the trip we arrange let us know, in such a situation we will honour the cancellations).

There will also be options for full days with additional activities. Here we can see there's an option for the Monday with '6+ Freedog trampoline.' This includes the additional price of the activity within the charge. More information about these extras will be found on the website.

Scroll down to view the options below. If you are only booking a single option for one day, for example you want just one 'Full day' for the Thursday of the week, click on the button next to 'Ad-hoc days.' Doing so will remove the options to select days of the week and a date range, and instead give you a choice to select a single day on a calendar.

If you're booking multiple dates of a type, for example Monday, Thursday and Friday, do not click the button next to 'Ad hoc days.' This will leave you on the default option for bookings, 'set days every week.'

Click on the 'From' and 'To' boxes to define the date range. Possible dates will be limited to the week of the holiday club. Then, go to the 'On' boxes and select the days you want.

If you've clicked on 'Full days' above, select a date range for the entire week and then check Monday, Thursday and Friday, this will result in you booking a full day without any extra activities for those days of the week, for every child you've selected.

Clicking 'Add more dates' will put that booking into your basket and take you back to the top of the screen to make more selections. Clicking 'check availability' will take you to the basket. See the general guide for more information on those.

If for example you wanted to book those three full days, then a trip day, as well as the Wednesday full day booking that includes the activity? You'd book those three days as detailed above then click on 'add more dates.' Go to 'Wednesday - Full day session with 8+ activity' and select it. Scroll down, click on 'ad-hoc days,' select the Wednesday date and then 'add more dates' again.

Go to the trip day, select it, then scroll down. Ad-hoc days will still be on as you checked it before; click on the dates to change it to the day of the trip, Tuesday in this case. Scroll down, but don't click on 'check availability' yet. Instead scroll down as far as you can.

Below 'Add more dates' and 'Check availability' you'll see the two things you've booked previously, which you can remove if you need to. Make sure these are correct then click on 'check availability' to add the last selection to your booking and move to view the basket.

From there you can refer to the general guide here to get further instruction.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please email the bookings assistant at

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